Hi, we are glad to see you!

In Frans, all professions are open to you. There is a lot of interesting knowledge, unexpected discoveries, scientific and educational tasks. The more you try, the more interesting! Alone or with friends, you can spend a whole “adult life” in one amusement park. Do not worry, our good mentors will show and explain everything and you will quickly learn the rules of life in the city!

How to become a
resident of France

When you come to us for the first time, the Frontier Guard will issue you a Temporary Document for a resident of KidSpace. And on the 5th visit, we will solemnly hand you a permanent Passport! Keep him safe! In this document, your experience and your achievements.

How to get the first louis

Together with the Temporary Document you will be given a check. Exchange it at the Bank and get "experiences" - the currency KidSpace. Earn more experiences at our Stations.

Why in France, Louisidans, and not the hryvnia?

Rubles can be lost or spent, and the experience will remain with you forever. Only Experience creates a true Master.

Where to work?

view all locations

All stations have signs. They indicate the age, cost of education, salary and the time when the lesson begins. If you do not have time, do not worry. There is always something to do in the City.

We are always with you

Be polite with the residents and guests of the City. Work more and recognize the new one. In any incomprehensible situation, turn to the Mentor - you will definitely help!

Where to spend the louis?

Spend experiments in the amusement park "I'm Khochuhha", on a souvenir in the Supermarket, an exclusive gift at the Soap-Making Plant, your own pastry cookery in the Confectionery. Or, let's go to Sweet Hour to buy sweet wool.
Participate in the "Do Yourself Good" campaign: buy a ticket to KidSpace for the experiences of a child who has fallen into a difficult life situation.

Where to eat?

If you are hungry, support the Buffet. You need to pay the real money - hryvnias.

If the louis vuitton has ended

Do not be upset Experiments can be earned at Eco Station and in the House of Good Deeds - the entrance is free of charge.

It's time to go home, and louis vuitton remains

You have to leave, but you did not spend all the experiments? Submit them to the Bank. When you return, with your experiences you will receive another 5 - this is "interest" from the Bank.

If you forgot the Passport

Do not worry! You will be given a temporary document. Put it in your Passport and then your experience and achievements will be preserved.